Letter to Grange Resources

1 August 2007

Grange Resources To Chairman and all Directors

Re: Proposed Power Supply

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are a concerned group of local landholders in the Narrikup region of the Plantagenet Shire who are looking at dealing with a proposed 220kw transmission line through our area.

Firstly I would like to say we are fully supportive of your planned mine and subsequent power requirements and certainly not against positive development and the requirements for power in this region. It is tremendous to see companies like yours having so much focus on the social and environmental impact of business operations.

Our major concern is the environmental impact of such a big line in the West Narrikup community. As a community we are one of the most successful focus Land Care groups within Western Australia, where millions of dollars have been spent on water catchment management, planning and monitoring, protection of on farm remnant native bush, protection of habitat for rare and endangered species, development of bush corridors for native fauna and land for wildlife (voluntary native conservation on private property). The landholder's commitment for conservation is so genuine it led to many properties having voluntary agreements to reserve their remnant bush resulting in protective covenants for perpetuity.

As the line size is predominantly for your proposed power requirements we plead with you to look at a direct line from Kojonup which will have far less impact on the environment and affect far fewer land holders. Subsequently a smaller line through our district will have less social and environmental impact.

Hoping you can help us through this.

Kind regards