Proposed Meeting with Western Power

A meeting was proposed for Saturday 18th August 2007 with the following agenda:

  1. Environmental Aspects
  2. High Density/Populated Area/s
  3. Diverse Farming Practices
  4. Social Impact Studies
  5. Corridor Options (Southdown; existing; etc)
  6. Transmission Line Options (220kv / 132kv; etc)
  7. Substation (location)
  8. Devaluation / Compensation
  9. Health & Safety
  10. The Process

An invitation was extended to Western Power on 9th August 2007:

"Michelle & Tony"
09/08/2007 08:00 PM
cc "PLUG Group"
Subject Meeting with PLUG Group

Hi Jeff,

In conversation with you on Tuesday the 7th of August, you invited the PLUG Group to meet with Western Power to discuss the Proposed Transmission Corridors and concerns further. We invite you/those representatives to meet with the PLUG Group on Vaturday the 18th of August at 10am in Albany (location to be advised).

I would appreciate names and numbers of those attending to arrange a venue and catering.

We look forward to a response from you and any further questions please contact me via, email armad@aapt. net. au

Michelle Doherty
PLUG Group Representative

The following email was received on 10th August:

Michelle & Tony

To: "Michelle & Tony"
Sent: Friday, 10 August 2007 10:40 AM
Subject: Re: Meeting with PLUG Group

Hi Michelle.

Thank you for the invitation and I will endeavour to organise suitable representatives from Western Power to speak with the PLUG group's elected committee members.

However, I doubt if I will be able to organise the relevant Western Power representatives by next Saturday. I will be in Albany from Monday - Thursday next week attending further public information sessions and probably will not be able to gather the additional information required by your committee members.

I imagine that you will have 4 - 5 committee members attending the meeting??

As discussed last Tuesday, it is not my intention to attend a large scale meeting with all of your members, similar to the meetings that have recently been held in Narrikup.

I would also appreciate your advice about the types of additional information that your committee is seeking that was not provided at the previous meetings. This will assist me in trying to identify who else from Western Power I need to invite to answer your new questions. I won't be able to confirm our ability to attend your meeting until I know who I need to invite and I have checked their availability to attend.

Can you please confirm the agenda for the proposed meeting, the number of people attending from the PLUG group and then we can organise a suitable time and place for the meeting.

Please give me a call this afternoon if you need to discuss.


Jeff Hunter
Approvals & Dvlpmt Coordinator
Western Power - 363 Wellington Street Perth WA 6000
T: (08) 9326 4728 1 M: 0427081564 1 F: (08) 9225 2078